Items prohibited by law or considered hazardous under the national legislation, as well as items which by their nature or packaging may cause harm to humans, to the environment or to other luggage stored, are not allowed for storage.

We do not accept storage for the following items:

  • plants and animals;
  • securities and negotiable certificates (bills of lading, currency, paper money, coins, credit cards);
  • weapons (firearms and bladed weapons);
  • hazardous materials;
  • software containing information of high value;
  • technology (iPhone, iPad, tablet, PC, smartphone);
  • antiques,art objects, metals (gold, silver in any form and precious stones);
  • garbage; 

The customer is liable for any damage caused to other people’s luggage in case of storage of prohibited items or poorly packaged items.

The customer acknowledges and agrees that Bucharest Luggage Storage has the right to open and inspect the luggage at for security reasons.